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Anti Bullying Pledge

stop bullying jewelry canada

For those of us that have the courage to be different in a crowd full of followers, we know bullying can come with standing out! We want to unite and stand beside you as you continue to just be yourself in a world where "different" SHOULD mean beautiful! 

For all of our Unbeautiful family, we want to help be pledging 10% of all our sales to different anti-bullying organizations across Canada, and to help spread awareness of a SICK mentality out there that bullying is happening!

There are scared victims of all ages in our world that deal with @ssholes that can make their life a living hell. Some too scared to ask for help, some that the fear overcomes them and literally ends up taking their life in the end. It needs to stop! But until then, we have to unite to let the victims know they are not alone. They need to know that they are not weird, they are just limited editions ;)

Luckily our world also has great organizations that put in the time and effort to provide communication, counselling, support, awareness, and anything they can to make the bullied be able to live their life and get through this hard time without having to conform to the standards of the rest, to be themselves, to be Unbeautiful!

Our pledge is to not only support these organizations with donating a portion of our sales, but to unite with those that have been bullied and show the world that DIFFERENT is BEAUTIFUL!  Every person that purchases a piece of jewelry from us, we thank you for showing your support for anti-bullying, and we commend you for having the courage to be different.


*If you are an anti-bullying organization that would like to work with us, reach out! We would love to be able to do something with you to help your cause and to help more victims of bullying.


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